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Evertale is an exciting monster catching game

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If you have been following the mobile gaming industry for a long time and all this time you are looking for a role-playing game that is as similar as possible to Pokemon, then you probably have encountered ZigZaGame. In 2012, she released Dragon Island Blue, then there were Hunter Island and Neo Monsters. And now, 3 years after the last release, it’s time for Evertale.In this game, you have to save the world of Erden from evil. But this is only the main plot. The authors prepare dozens of additional activities. The most interesting will be tracking and hunting for monsters.

Evertale has been developed by ZigZaGame, one of the teams that have tried the most to release the closest game to Pokemon possible.In Evertale, players will take control of an adventurer who is seeking to save the land of Erden from a terrible threat called Pandemonium. Alongside the main campaign, players will also be able to take part in a variety of other activities, such as real-time PvP. Guilds will also be in, which will bring players together during the adventure.

A long time ago, to be exact 18 years earlier, there was the last Pandemonium on Erden's lands. You will be called to impersonate the hero who, by making allies along his path, will fight the monsters to capture them all! A simple structure, set, graphically, in a dynamic Pixel-art old style. The fights are quite strategic (from level 5 onwards), but they are linked to the turn-based structure. So, as you level up your character and your partners, you'll need to choose the right weapons and the right attacks! Best and Cheapest Evertale Soul Stone Account For Sale -

The control scheme is very simple too, with you just tapping to the location you want to move to. It works great on a phone and we didn’t really miss not having a virtual joystick.There’s plenty of reason to explore too, as you could encounter unique monsters, find chests full of treasure, or meet an NPC that might offer you a quest or fight you. It’s just like Pokémon in that respect.You’ll also collect a bunch of weapons, accessories, and equipment that party members and monsters can equip. This adds a more RPG feel to the experience.Time to face the elephant in the room: the IAPs. Yes, you can purchase stuff with real money to progress faster – the most notable of which is the ability to immediately summon new monsters.

The world is made up of six different regions, each of which has different monsters to collect. You’ll also explore a wide variety of cities and dungeons.Along the way, you’ll meet a variety of heroes that will join you on your quest, complete with their own back stories.The entire single player experience is offline, so you can play it without a connection. However, you can jump online at any moment to participate in some PvP. Battles against other players take place in real time, and you can join guilds and compete in a variety of leagues. There are even online events to participate in.
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